Phonics & Reading

At Byley we use a systematic teaching of phonics to support children in learning to read and write.  As children progress in their phonic knowledge children will move on from learning letters and the sounds that they make, to using and applying this knowledge to read and write words, then into reading and writing sentences. We give the children the opportunity to use and apply their phonic learning through games and activities so that they then use this in their independent reading and writing work.

For a more detailed explanation of phonics please see the 'Parents Guide to Phonics' document attached below.


Some useful links 

Pronunciation of sounds

Letters and Sounds - links to resources and games


Phonic Songs - Jolly Phonics Songs a-z


The following links will take you to some Phase 2 Games where the children can practise blending sounds to read words and read and sort 'real' and 'nonsense' words.

Picture Match

Buried Treasure

Dragons Den

Picnic on Pluto

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