The staffing structure at Byley Primary School is as follows:-

Teaching staff:

Headteacher:                                     Mrs.  K. Walsh

Nursery and Reception                    Mrs. J. Madden   (Full Time)

Years 1 and 2:                                    Mrs. A. King (Full Time)

Years 3 and 4:                                    Miss. C. Aldous  (Full Time)

Years 5 and 6:                                    Mrs. H. Bebbington (Mon/Tue/Wed am/Thurs/Fri)             

                                                            Mrs. K. Walsh (Part time teaching 0.6)

Teaching Assistants:                        Mrs. Y. O’Sullivan  (HLTA)

                                                            Mrs W Hampshire 

                                                            Mrs T Sobutta

Non teaching staff:
School Bursar:                                      Mrs. C. Evans 

Caretaker:                                              Mr. D. Frith

Catering Superviser:                            Mrs. J. Daniel

Mid Day Assistants:                              Mrs V. Frith
                                                                Mrs. A. Maddock 
                                                                Miss T. Sobutta                        

Breakfast and After School Club:       Mrs Such

Contact the School

Byley Primary School

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Nr Middlewich
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Tel: 01606 832519