Our Gallery

Safety Central, by Mrs Bebbington

Spaceport Visit, by Miss Aldous

The Snap Trap E-safety, by Mrs Bebbington

Laura Samuel Visit, by Miss Aldous

Everyday materials, by Mrs King

ICT - Purple Mash, by Miss Aldous

Cave Paintings , by Miss Aldous

Story Writing , by Miss Aldous

String Telephones , by Miss Aldous

Bread making, by Mrs Madden

Animal portraits, by Mrs Bebbington

Capacity , by Miss Aldous

Yr5 /6 Henri Matisse paintings, by Mrs Bebbington

Chester Zoo Year 1 and 2, by Miss Aldous

Our Day at Chester Zoo, by Mrs Madden

Mountain Landscapes, by Mrs Bebbington

Frogs Spawn, by Mrs King

Planting Trees, by Miss Aldous

World Book Day, by Mrs Madden

World Book Day, by Mrs Madden

Egyptian Coil Pots, by Mr Davies

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