Year 3 & 4 : Gallery

Town Sports 2019, by Mr Gibson

Football Tournament, by Mr Gibson

Sports Day 2019, by Mr Gibson

Year 3 and 4 Assembly, by Mr Gibson

Dewa Roman Experience, by Mr Gibson

Harvest Assembly, by Mr Gibson

Orangutan in the wild., by Mr Trude

Shape work in Year 3 and 4 , by Miss Aldous

Olympic Festival , by Miss Aldous

The Snap Trap E-Safety, by Miss Aldous

Spaceport Visit, by Miss Aldous

The Snap Trap E-safety, by Mrs Bebbington

ICT - Purple Mash, by Miss Aldous

Cave Paintings , by Miss Aldous

Story Writing , by Miss Aldous

String Telephones , by Miss Aldous

Egyptian Coil Pots, by Mr Davies

Roman Presentations, by Mr Davies

The Borrowers, by Mrs Leyshon

Space Kids, by Mrs Leyshon

Monet Gallery, by Mrs Leyshon

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